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RZ G series Bb 17/6

Our first professional model, intended for ambitious ...

RZ Bohema series Bb17/6

Our ambassador Milan Rericha i playing RZ Bohema in some of ...

RZ Bohema Star series Bb 17/6

Professional model for experienced players which are ...

RZ Capriccio series Bb 18/6

This is about sound meeting perfection. The combination ...

RZ Capriccio Carbon series Bb 18/6

The characteristics of the marvelous Capriccio clarinet ...

RZ Solo series Bb 18/6

The RZ Solo Clarinets is not only the new RZ-high-end-model ...

Buffet Crampon RC 17/6 кларинет

Bb soprano clarinet Buffet Crampon BC1114-2-0

Цена: 185000 ден
Price / kg:

Buffet Crampon Prodige 17/6

Цена: 38000 ден
Price / kg:

Buffet Crampon E-12F 17/6

Цена: 72000 ден
Price / kg:

Buffet Crampon E-13 17/6

Цена: 99000 ден
Price / kg: